42. What is the “Preces?”

The Latin word “preces” means “prayers.” The Preces is a set of prayers members of Opus Dei say every day. It takes about 5 minutes to say them and they are prayed in Latin.

The prayers start with invocations to the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, the Guardian Angels, and St. Josemaría. They’re followed by prayers for the Holy Father, the bishop of the diocese, unity among all those working to spread the Gospel, the prelate of Opus Dei, and the other members of the Work, both living and dead. The next section is a prayer asking for forgiveness for their sins, for the Holy Spirit to reign in their hearts, and that all their efforts both begin and end in God, followed by prayers for joy, peace, greater sorrow for their sins, the grace and consolation of the Holy Spirit, and perseverance in their vocation. The Preces end with invocations to Sts. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Peter, Paul, and John (the patrons of Opus Dei) and finally, with a greeting of peace to the other members present.

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