26. What are some of the apostolic activities offered by Opus Dei?

Opus Dei offers the circles mentioned above, evenings of recollection, retreats, doctrinal classes, etc.

Probably the most distinctive “activity,” though, is spiritual direction. Anyone may receive the spiritual direction offered by the Work, and this is really the most important reason for the Work’s existence. This direction is intended to be geared to the individual and designed to help the individual discover how they can find God right where they are, in his job, among his family and friends, by fulfilling his ordinary duties. Numeraries and associates receive spiritual direction once a week. Supernumeraries receive it biweekly. Others may receive it on a mutually agreeable schedule.

In addition to these, Opus Dei carries out numerous “corporate works of apostolate” (see Question 29). These works, usually of a social, educational, or health care nature, are imbued with the spirit of the Work and are designed to help fill some need of the community. Examples are The Heights, in Maryland, a school for boys in grades 3-12. Another example is Midtown Center, in Chicago’s inner city.

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