18. What is an “annual course?”

An important aspect of a vocation to Opus Dei is the vocation to give good doctrine to those around us. This requires extensive and ongoing doctrinal formation ourselves. Thus, every year members try to go away for a short course in philosophy or theology. These courses are typically held at a conference center run by Opus Dei and are taught by a member who has received a higher degree in one of the sacred sciences, either a priest or a lay person. They are also called “workshops.”

Because of time constraints these courses last about a week for supernumeraries. For numeraries and associates they are typically 3 weeks long.

Because Opus Dei is a spiritual family these courses also provide the opportunity to experience the fraternity of the other members, and to get to know them better. The time spent together in an environment conducive to fellowship and prayer serves to strengthen their commitment to the Work and to each other, and to get to know the spirit of the Work more deeply.

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