1. Who are you, what makes you so knowledgeable about Opus Dei, and why should I trust what you say?

Matt CollinsMy name is Matthew Collins. I’m happily married with 3 children, live in Baltimore, MD and work at a hospital in Baltimore as a Lead Application Coordinator on the Electronic Medical Record system.

I was a supernumerary member of Opus Dei for almost 27 years. I left Opus Dei on my own initiative for personal reasons, but remain friendly toward the organization, and am now a cooperator. This FAQ was originally written while I was still a member but I have not changed any of the substance it contains since I left, and have no reason to do so.

Why should you trust what I say? Well … read this FAQ, and if it seems to you I’m being open and honest, then believe me. If not, then don’t. I’m staking my reputation on it by putting everything I say out there for the whole world to see. I promise to tell the truth about Opus Dei according to my perspective, and to acknowledge other perspectives, but I don’t feel any need to apologize if you have a different opinion or if you’re offended by anything I have to say.

One reader noted that because I live in Baltimore, where there is no center of Opus Dei, I may not be aware of some of the more subtle abuses Opus Dei is accused of. He has a valid point. However, my father has been a member of Opus Dei since the early 1960’s and I’ve been involved with Opus Dei myself since 1976. I believe that over the many years I have known the Work—as Opus Dei is also known—I have received enough formation and been close enough to get a pretty good feel for how things work.

To find out more about me you can read the somewhat outdated portfolio I created as part of my Master’s Degree in Medical Informatics.

2. What is Opus Dei?

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