Matt’s Anglican Use FAQ

Originally Published: 9 January 2015


In 2014 I started attending Mount Calvary Church in Baltimore, MD. Mount Calvary is a Roman Catholic Anglican Use church, part of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. I was quickly taken with the beautiful liturgy. I have been attending Mount Calvary since, and have become very interested in learning more about the Anglican Use. This FAQ is the fruit of my research and discussions with members of the parish.


I’m speaking for myself in this FAQ. I don’t represent the Catholic Church, the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter, any other ordinariate, or any parish. I simply want to provide accurate and useful information to those who want to know more about the Anglican Use liturgy within the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church.

This is very much a work in progress.

You can contribute by making suggestions and corrections regarding the content of my answers, or by asking me a question via email me. I’ll respond as soon as I can.

I have also written Matt’s Opus Dei FAQ, which has been read and well received by thousands of people throughout the world. I hope this FAQ can provide the same value to its readers.


All opinions and any errors or omissions are solely my responsibility.

All material on this page is Copyright 2015 Matthew G. Collins. All rights reserved worldwide.

You are free to quote from this page under the following conditions:
1.You give proper attribution;
2.You do not modify my statements in any way;
3.You present them in the proper context;
4.You do not attempt in any way to change their evident meaning; and
5.You must not, under any circumstance, represent this FAQ or any part of this FAQ as:

i. the “official” position or work of any part of the Catholic Church; or
ii. having been produced with either the official or unofficial approval of the Catholic Church.


I continue to update the FAQ as people ask questions and make suggestions, and I have maintained complete editorial control over it. You can email me at the address below. You’ll have to fill in the address in your email program because I’ve displayed it as an image to minimize spambots from harvesting my address.

1. Who are you, and what makes you so knowledgeable about the Anglican Use?

2. What is the Anglican Use?

3. Is the Anglican Use Catholic?

4. What is the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter?

5. How does the Anglican Use Mass differ from the Novus Ordo?

6. What are some of the prayers that are unique to the Anglican Use?

7. Can priests of the Ordinariate get married?

8. What is the wording of the Nicene Creed in the Anglican Use Mass?