The Three Big Lies and Reclaiming the Rainbow

The Three Big Lies and Reclaiming the Rainbow

This is just me being a geek. I actually think about things like this.

RainbowA friend of mine and I have had an on-again, off-again conversation over the years about what we like to call The Three Big Lies™. We’re not smart enough to figure out if this is completely true, but it’s our belief that combinations of these three lies form the foundation of almost every sin and every major messed up philosophical or political system.

I’m an analyst by education, profession, and temperament. I’m also a computer programmer, so I’ve put those skills to use to develop a system I call Rainbow Analysis™ to see how various sins and lies are related to each other at this fundamental level. The really cool thing is that you can also use this system to analyze the quality of books, movies, political candidates positions, liturgies, and more, at least as they relate to the The Three Big Lies™.

On the surface The Three Big Lies™ seem to be mutually exclusive. But if you look deeper, they’re really like an artist’s color palette. A little bit of this lie, a whole lot of that one, and a smidgen of the third, all mixed together create a single lie of a particular “color”. To use an analogy, it’s kind of like how computers display color. Every color shown on the screen can be expressed as a specific combination of red, green, and blue, as in the table below, with each component having a value from 0 to 255. (Why 255? That’s outside the scope of this post–just accept it as true, because it is.)

Red = RGB(255, 0, 0)

Green = RGB(0, 255, 0)

Blue = RGB(0, 0, 255)

Combining multiple values yields different colors:

Yellow = RGB(255, 255, 0)

Purple = RGB(128, 0, 255)

Brown = RGB(80, 40, 40)

Pink = RGB(255, 128, 255)

But what about black and white?

Well, black is the absence of color, and thus, is represented by a value of 0 for all three colors. White, on the other hand, is all colors together. This is represented as 255 for all the colors.

Black = RGB(0, 0, 0)
White = RGB(255, 255, 255)

Various shades of gray can be expressed as equal amounts of each color.

RGB(220, 220, 220)

RGB(165, 165, 165)

RGB(110, 110, 110)

RGB(55, 55, 55)

So you see, by varying the amounts of red, green, and blue, we can come up with pretty much any color. Mathematicians will quibble with me here, since the actual number of colors will be 256 x 256 x 256 = 16,777,216. But that’s how your computer can display any color the eye can see.

The Three Big Lies™

But what does this have to do with Truth, and more specifically, with The Three Big Lies™?

Well, The Three Big Lies™ are:

1. There is no God.

2. God doesn’t love you.

3. You are God.

Don’t they seem to be mutually exclusive? But as we’ll see, they can exist quite compatibly with each other. In fact, rarely do we see any one of them directly stated as such. If the Father of Lies–whom Pope Francis and many others call “the devil”–were to be so bold as to tell these lies directly, most people would reject them. So he mixes them together in various quantities to fabricate a composite lie (a color), within which each of these are hidden. Just like colors, people have their favorite lies. And just like colors, your favorite lie may change over time or even from day to day. Some days you may find that light blue meets your needs, and another day calls for navy blue, black, or pink. The same with lies. Sometimes you need one lie to justify what you want to do, and another day you need a different lie. Just as with colors, your favorite lies (and sins) may have certain things in common. They may look very similar but be slightly different.

The good news is that once we’re aware of The Three Big Lies™, we can use Rainbow Analysis™ to both see how much of a lie is in a given statement or position, and to see how closely related two apparently unrelated lies are at their most fundamental level.

In the next section we’ll see how to apply Rainbow Analysis™ using The Three Big Lies™

Case Study – Abortion

Perhaps the best way to understand Rainbow Analysis™ is to apply it to a case study.


Let’s pretend you or your “signficant other” gets pregnant and some third party, say… Planned Parenthood, tells you that you should get an abortion because, you know, it’s your life and all, and no one has a right to tell you what to do–(which they themselves just did, by the way)–and a baby will just ruin your life and you have to finish college and it’s, you know, ssooooo haaaaarrrrrd (whine) to raise a kid by yourself, and expensive, too, and God wouldn’t want you to bring a baby into this evil world, and well, it’s your body, dammit!


We’ll analyze each of the The Three Big Lies™ separately, and assign a value of 0, indicating that the lie isn’t in there at all, to 255, indicating that the lie is perfectly represented. It’s not an exact science, so don’t quibble too much over the specific value I assign. It’s the concept that’s important.

Big Lie #1 – There is no God.

There are several ways Big Lie #1 shows up in this scenario. First, the statement that “it’s your life and all” ignores God’s existence, especially as the creator of all life, including both the mother and the child. This comes back in Big Lie #3, too. Also, the statement that “God wouldn’t want you to bring a baby into this evil world” implies that He isn’t Lord of the Universe, and therefore, isn’t really God. Because to be God, He must be the God of all that exists. Otherwise he’s not much of a god, is he? The claim that “no one has a right to tell you what to do” denies God’s lordship over both the mother and the baby. It also has a bit of Big Lie #3. So I would say that there’s a moderate amount of this lie in this scenario. I’ll give it a value of 100.

Value: 100

Big Lie #2 – God Doesn’t Love You

There’s a whole lot of Big Lie #2 in there. A whole lot. First, it implies that there’s no such thing as sacrificial love, or at least that sacrificial love isn’t worth much. And if there is no such thing as sacrificial love, then certainly God doesn’t love you to the point of self sacrifice. Therefore, not only is the baby’s life essentially worthless–that is, not worth any sacrifice at all–but by extension so is the mother’s, and everyone else, to boot! It also implies that if God really loved you, He wouldn’t ever ask you to do anything that’s you know, haaaaarrrrd. It implies that even if He does ask you to do something hard, He won’t be there to help by providing educational opportunities, or a husband, or a good job, or the strength to carry on, or even a good feeling when you need it. He certainly isn’t interested in your happiness. And you can just forget about the idea that by being faithful to being a mother or father, you’ll actually find happiness here and in the hereafter. The lie is that the mother will have to do this all on her own, and God will wash His hands of the whole affair, especially because He doesn’t want this child, either. And if He doesn’t want the child, then why should the mother believe that He wants her, either?

Value: 220

Big Lie #3 You are God

There’s almost as much of Big Lie #3 as there is Big Lie #2. The idea that the mother’s wishes are the only ones that matter makes her the Supreme Being in this scenario. It’s explicitly stated, even, that control over her body, by itself, is justification enough to snuff out the life of her baby. In this scenario the “third party” even acknowledges that what is growing in the mother’s body is a baby. They acknowledge the baby’s humanity, but say that the mother has the right to exercise the power of death over the baby, a power that only God has the right to exercise.

Value: 200


If we represent Big Lie #1 by red, Big Lie #2 by green, and Big Lie #3 by blue, we get the following result:

RGB (100, 240, 200)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s a very pretty color. I’m just sayin’ it’s not my cup-o-tea.

God as Truth

Astute observers will feel a thorn sticking in their side at this point. The irritation they feel is because God is Truth, and evil as such does not exist. That is to say, evil, properly understood, is not a thing at all. It is an absence. It is the absence of a due good, of a good that should be present, but isn’t. In the case of a lie, the evil isn’t actually something. Rather, it’s the absence of something–truth.

So far, metaphorically, metaphysically, and aesthetically, my method is completely backward. So far, pure Truth–God–is represented as black, the absence of all color. Pure lie is represented as white, the presence of all colors. It should be the other way around!!

So let’s turn this on it’s head, and instead of talking about The Three Big Lies™, let’s talk about The Three Big Truths™: There is a God, He loves you, and you are not God. So instead of measuring the strength of the lie, let’s measure how far from each of The Three Big Truths™ our friends at Planned Parenthood are. So we count down from 255 (pure truth) to 0 (pure lie) for each of The Three Big Truths™. Our analyis becomes:

255 – 100 = 155
255 – 240 = 15
255 – 200 = 55

RGB (155, 15, 55)

Hmmmm…. coincidentally, that’s the color of blood. I wonder if that means anything?!

But Wait… There’s More!

I call this process Rainbow Analysis™ because by using the colors of the rainbow it can visually demonstrate how closely related different issues are to each other at their most fundamental level. The closer they are at that fundamental level, the closer the colors will be to each other. You might want to try it with something like Communism, or a rap song, or your favorite movie or book.

You can even compare “unlike” things to each other. How would these match up?

  • Your favorite Christmas carol vs. “It’s a Wonderful Life”
  • Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” vs. Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”
  • Fascism vs. Communism vs. your favorite American president
  • Suicide vs. Abortion vs. Euthanasia
  • Homosexuality vs. Abortion
  • Tridentine Mass vs. Anglican Use Mass vs. Novus Ordo Mass
  • Any of those Masses vs. The Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Remember, if you use the Three Big Truths™ method, the brighter the color, the closer to Truth it is, and therefore, the more excellent it is. The Three Big Lies™ method is the other way around. They are equally valid. It just depends on which is easier to do, and whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist. You can easily convert from one method to the other.

Try it out. I’d love for some readers to send me their Rainbow Analysis™ of whatever they want and I’ll post it if I think you’ve done a good job, even if I don’t agree with everything.

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