About… The Truth, Served Raw

Truth Served Raw.  What’s that about?  Well, it’s my opinion–well supported by recent events in the world, I think–that truth is an increasingly rare commodity.  It seems that people are more concerned with political correctness than with the truth.

Truth is to the soul what food is to the body.  And just like food, there are some truths that we just don’t like.  And just like food, truth can lose much of its nutritional value by “cooking” it, or adding harmful substances, however palatable they may be.

This blog is intended to serve the truth, vegan-style and raw.  Sometimes I’ll prepare it just a little, but only to give it some bite… to make it “al dente,” as the Italians like to say.

Love for the truth is Love for God, because God is Truth.  Therefore I often capitalize the word, because I view it as just another name for God.  I believe anyone who is sincerely looking for the Truth, is looking for God, and will eventually find Him.  Anyone who loves the Truth, loves God.

And anyone who doesn’t love Truth loves lies.  And lies, in whatever form they take, whether it’s political correctness, statistics, or overgeneralizations made by our favorite politicians, are the enemy of God.

So we have to love the truth, no matter what it is, and whether or not we find it palatable.  The Truth at all costs!  The Truth about God, about ourselves, about those we love, about our purpose in life, about the state of the world, about our leaders (both religious and civic).

There is no such thing as Charity without Truth.  And there is no such thing Truth without Charity.  Truth without Charity is nothing more a factoid, a fact without context in which to understand.

But Charity is not the same thing as niceness.  So I won’t always be nice.  But I will always love my readers by giving them the uncooked Truth, to the best of my ability.